Parish School of Religion


The purpose of the Sacred Hearts Parish School of Religion (PSR) is to support and enrich the efforts of families to share with children their faith in the person and message of Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic tradition.

All parents have the right to educate their child both secularly and religiously, however, in the formation of the faith, the Church also has its rights and responsibility.

In his 1994 Letter to Families, Pope John Paul II wrote, “Parents are the first and most important educators of their own children, and they also posses a fundamental competence in this area; they are educators, because they are parents.” (16).

If a family wishes to homeschool their child, a written request must be submitted to the DRE prior to the start of the PSR academic year, which will then be reviewed by the pastor for consideration of being excluded from PSR. Note: Please see parent handbook for a complete listing of Sacred Hearts Parish homeschool polices. 

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